Crash Damper

Crash Damper

Multi-Step Self-Compensating Crash Damper

This type of emergency shock absorber has a multi-step conformation, absorbing the energy of the shocks at the moment of collision by compressing the sectors. It is designed to have low peak and return force.

  • Shock absorption response function is stable, with high absorption efficiency
  • Compact (robust and small in size) and easy to handle
  • Body surface treated to prevent corrosion by nickel plating or alloy plating (black).
  • Various sizes, forces, strokes are available with customizable models
  • Standard temperature range: -40 ~ 90 °C
Main models:
  • IDSM87-53
  • IDSM87-106
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Plastic Material Crash Damper

This series of disposable shock absorbers is capable of absorbing high energies thanks to the plastic material with which it is built. It has a structure that converts kinetic energy of the impact in thermal energy, dissipated by the deformation. This product is suitable for emergency applications.

  • High deceleration performance
  • The shock absorption response function is constant and the absorption efficiency is high
  • Possibility of installation at low prices and in confined spaces
  • No maintenance needed
  • Customization is possible for various dimensions, forces, strokes and capacities
  • Operating temperature: -40 ~ 90 °C
Main models:
  • IDSP1 sizes from 20 to 64 mm (IDSP1 = threaded typology)
  • IDSP2 sizes from 24 to 64 mm (IDSP2 = bolt typology)
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