Servo motori e azionamenti brushless

In the range of servo motors produced by CMZ we can distinguish two main types: brushless motors and stepless motors. In detail:

Brushless motors - CMZ offers a wide range of brushless synchronous servo motors.

  • Models have stall torque from 0.5Nm to 120Nm.
  • They are available in 400 Vac and 230 Vac versions.
  • RPM 1500, 2000, 3000, 4500, 6000.
  • Number of poles: 8/10/6 sinusoidal, depending on the model.
  • Resolver or absolute encoder with hiperface connection.
  • Versions with brake available.
  • IP65 standard. IP67 on request.
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Stepper motors - Based on stepper motors, CMZ offers the innovative STEPLESSTM technology with torque/speed vector control.

It is a technology entirely developed by CMZ for low speed applications.

Through closed-chain control, a synchronous stepper motor can be controlled with modulated current:

  • eliminating the problems related to the loss of step
  • reducing the engine temperature.

Compared to the brushless solution, on the same size-motor the Stepless technology offers a higher torque at low speed. This makes it suitable for many low speed applications.

CMZ stepper motors are supplied in 5 sizes with torque from 2.8 Nm to 21 Nm.

They can be supplied with incremental encoder, circular or AMP connectors, cables with length on request and many other optional features to satisfy all application requirements.

CMZ STEPLESS technology applies to stand alone and nearby servo drives, chosen by many customers for their automation projects.

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