Direct current motors

Direct current motors

RAW PLANET identifies the series of direct current motors with permanent magnets, designed and produced by the Siboni company.

Specifically, the line TRA DC identifies direct current motors with permanent magnets, optimized in the inertial ratio, which make this line of motors suitable for equipping electric vehicles, optimizing maximum performance and autonomy of operation.

The two lines, FER DC e NEO DC, are designed for use as servomotors in industrial automation. The Siboni design in these two lines has worked to optimize the linearity of rotation and reduce the inertia ratio, to develop servomotors with excellent specific powers. In the NEO DC line, the use of permanent magnets in NdFeB defines a ratio between the overall dimensions of the motor and the performance obtained, among the highest in its category.

Typical applications can be found in the following sectors: playgrounds (carousels, bumper cars), gyms (treadmills), electric traction (electric motors and bicycles), equipment for the disabled (electric wheelchairs), automation (automatic doors and gates), railways (level crossings, railway exchanges).

Main typologies:

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