Brushless servomotors

Brushless servomotors

PRO PLANET identifies a range of products, based on synchronous permanent magnet motorization, also called AC brushless. Both the single brushless motor and the solution with integrated digital electronics are available. The line of standalone brushless motors is called PRO LINE, and is divided according to size and polarity PRO LINE ONE (until 3 Nm), e PRO LINE TWO (until 50 Nm). Main characteristics are found below:

  • Concentrated winding with high copper filling
  • High power to size ratio
  • High efficiency
  • NdFeB permanent ring magnets
  • High energy production
  • Excellent resistance to internal and external corrosion
  • High demagnetisation limit

Based on the first line of motors, it has been developed a new line with integrated electronics on board, PRO LAB. It guarantees the possibility of having different mechatronic solutions, capable of delivering torques between 0.34 and 20 Nm. The PRO LAB range is in turn divided according to the sizes, the electronic calculation capacity and the field buses available. PRO LAB ONE represents the basic version of the integrated product powered at 24 V with CAN OPEN fieldbus, while the PRO LAB FOUR version provides a greater variety of options, and in particular the possibility of communicating with fieldbus on EtherNET base.

Main typologies:

Brushless servomotors / PROLINE ONE (0.16 - 2.5 Nm) proline-one Learn more...
Brushless servomotors / PROLINE TWO (4 - 50 Nm) proline-two Learn more...
Brushless servomotors with integrated electronics / PROLAB ONE (0.4 - 9 Nm) prolab-one Learn more...
Brushless servomotors with integrated electronics / PROLAB FOUR (0.87 - 20 Nm) prolab-four Learn more...