Servo motori e azionamenti brushless

Brushless servodrives

CMZ offers a complete series of servo drives suitable for all performance and price needs. We offer different types of brushless drives: stand alone, integrated and nearby.

Main models:

Stand alone SBD - SBD is CMZ's new stand alone brushless servo drive presented to the market in 2021, expression of the best Italian technology in terms of versatility and connectivity:

  • Integrated programming
  • 230V or 400V version in a single case
  • High-performance and advantageous solution
  • Designed and Made in Italy

Range from 5A to 20A.

Ready for use with CMZ FCT controllers or with different brands that use CODESYS 3.5.

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Stand alone LBD - LBD drives are extremely compact, reliable and high performance stand alone brushless systems.

The range includes the LBD23 single-phase 230 Vac and LBD40 three-phase 400 Vac series. In combination with brushless motors, they are suitable for all applications on machines with high kinematic performance.

The systems are equipped with the standard safety function STO at SIL3 level.

Interfacing with analog input and simulation with stepper motors is also available.

The LBD drives are designed for use with CMZ FCT controllers or controllers of different brands that use CODESYS 3.5.

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Stand alone EASY - EASY is the convenient and performing stand alone brushless drive.

It is a compact system with optimized functions proposed in 110Vac and 230Vac versions, particularly easy to use and manage.

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Integrated IBD - The IBD drive with integrated electronics and IEC 61131 programming offers maximum control and power in a compact space. With the decentralization of the drive directly on the motor, the machine architecture is simplified: reduced wiring, more linear machine design, optimized and increasingly efficient processes.

The brushless motors are available with torque from 1.2 to 30 Nm. Each model can be developed with solutions designed for the specific project of the manufacturer, both electronic and mechanical.

The strong technological integration between the electronic parts and the electromechanical solidity makes IBD motors innovative components capable of expressing the best of Made in Italy production.

The IBD system is designed for use with CMZ FCT controllers or controllers of different brands that use CODESYS 3.5.

PROFINET RT available on IBD flange 60 models. Soon also on IBD flange 80 and IBD flange 100.

Daisy chain versions also available.

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Nearby NBD - NBD is the nearby drive for managing motors with resolver, incremental encoder, incremental encoder with hall sensor, absolute HIPERFACE encoder.

The IP65 protection allows the NBD drives to be installed next to the motor, directly on the mechanics of the machine.

The system is equipped with the STO safety function.

The EtherCAT DS402 and CANopen DS402 field buses allow it to be used both with the FCT controller and with controllers of different brands based on CODESYS 3.5.

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Stepless servodrives

Stepless is the technology invented and developed by CMZ for low speed applications.

Through closed-chain control, a synchronous stepper motor can be controlled with modulated current:

  • eliminating the problems related to the loss of step
  • reducing the engine temperature.

Compared to the brushless solution, on the same size-motor the Stepless technology offers a higher torque at low speed. This makes it suitable for many low speed applications.

Main models:

Stand alone SVM - SVM drive features:

  • Internal coding
  • CANOpen, PROFIBUS, MODBUS RTU protocols
  • Use with all main programmable controllers in CODESYS.
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Integrated ISD - ISD is CMZ's integrated servodrive with stepless technology for decentralized machine architectures that offers:
  • Internal coding
  • CANOpen, PROFIBUS, MODBUS RTU protocols
  • Use with all main programmable controllers in CODESYS.

ISD is supplied in 3 different models from 4.6 Nm to 12 Nm.

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Nearby TSC - TSC is the nearby 48Vdc drive for open chain control of 3 stepper motors with encoder.

The solution offered by CMZ includes the TSC drive supplied with 3 stepper motors of the MM series (60 mm flange).

  • CANopen interface.
  • Daisy chain connection.
  • IP65.

The TSC drive can also be supplied with the "TSC Management" utility library developed by CMZ.

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