Integrated and nearby servo drives

Integrated and nearby servo drives

The BD series family currently consists of the two IBD and NBD systems.

The IBD (Integrated Brushless Drive) family consists of brushless motors with very compact and high performance integrated drives. They are equipped with a single connector for the 560 Vdc DC bus, for the 24 Vdc logic section power supply, for the STO safety contact, and for the homing input and with 2 connectors for the input and the CANOpen or EtherCAT fieldbus output allowing to drastically reduce the wiring and the space inside the switchboard. The wide range of sizes (from 1.5 Nm to 30 Nm - stall torque) on flanges from 80-100-142-190 mm and IP65 protection makes the integrated IBD servomotor suitable for many multi-axis applications.

The NBD (Near By Drive) family provides a system powered by 560 Vdc and 24 Vdc DC bus for the logic section. The allowed power supply is 275 - 730 Vdc, the peak current is 15 Arms. It allows the management of motors with resolver, incremental encoder, incremental encoder with hall sensor, absolute encoders. Its IP67 degree of protection allows NBD to be installed near the motor directly on the machine mechanics. This system is also equipped with the STO safety inputs.

The EtherCAT and CANopen field buses allow IBD and NBD to be used both with the FCT controller and with different controllers and especially with controllers that use the CODESYS 3.5 environment, in fact with Softmotion they will be able to choose the IDB and NBD drive among the different settings available from CODESYS.

Main typologies:

IBD (integrated brushless servomotor, sizes: 1,3 Nm/1,5 Nm/2,8 Nm/4 Nm/5,6 Nm/6 Nm/5 Nm/35 Nm stall torque) IBD Learn more...
Near by (drive IP65 for linear and rotary brushless motors) nearby Learn more...