JTECH offers complete control and handling solutions for the most varied types of industrial applications. Combined with our deep experience in automation, these solutions offer low cost of ownership, increased resource availability and improved productivity.

Exclusive distribution mandates with our suppliers allow us to guarantee our customers a wide selection of mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and electronic components. Whether you need a simple spare or an integrated solution for the construction of a complete system, we can help you.

With over 25 years of experience, we are a recognized player in the technology sector and in the market for industrial automation components. We work with our customers in the most diverse sectors, such as food, packaging, chemicals and petrochemicals, energy, paper and automotive (to name but a few).

JTECH offers a complete range of products and services for industrial automation: pneumatic components (AVENTICS), solenoid valves and valves for industrial fluids (ASCO), high pressure coaxial valves (RSG), industrial shock absorbers (IZMAC), motors and gearboxes ( SIBONI), drives, axis control and integrated solutions (CMZ), proximity sensors and photocells (MD MICRODETECTORS).

The excellence of the brands distributed by JTECH, certified by numerous national and international bodies, is guaranteed by the concept of total quality adopted by all our Italian and foreign suppliers.

High reliability, durability, performance and ease of installation are among the qualities known to all the brands marketed that allow us to offer specific products for customer needs in parallel.

In a fast market with requests that constantly change over time, we develop products adapting them to the new needs of customers. By prioritizing research, we continually enrich our product range with components that combine electronics and pneumatics, integrating complementary functions into our standard products. We attach great importance to the development of our products, continuously enriching our range of compact components with ever better performance.

JTECH's mission is to always give the best possible service and prompt and competent assistance, with the advice of our sales technicians. The passion for what we do always pushes us positively to find the best solutions responding to the needs of our customers.