Bidirectional speed control

Bidirectional rate control

This is the standard series of IZMAC bidirectional feed rate controls. This version has two 12-step adjustment dials placed on the body.
Each adjustment dial allows to independently modify the feed rate in extension and the feed rate in compression.

  • Simple and accurate control of the feed rate thanks to the 12-step adjustment dials
  • Maximum hourly cycles: 60 cycles/h
  • Maximum impact velocity: 0,6 m/s
  • Standard temperature range: -10 ~ 80 °C - Special: -40 ~ 120 °C
  • Chromed rod (25 μm)
  • Black paint body coating or nichel plating
  • Mainly used to control the feed rate in cutting and drilling applications
Main models:
  • IRAD30 strokes from 50 to 250 mm
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