Motors and gearboxes

Siboni designs and manufactures brushless motors and planetary gearboxes. Starting from the components we come to the solutions, which can be modeled and calibrated for each individual application need. The Siboni range is divided into three three macro-areas which in turn include several product lines.

RAW PLANET / direct current motors - RAW PLANET includes the series of DC motors with permanent magnets. Specifically, the TRA DC line identifies DC motors with permanent magnets dedicated to traction. The two FER DC and NEO DC lines are optimized for use as servomotors in industrial automation. In the NEO DC line, the use of permanent magnets in NdFeB defines a ratio between the overall dimensions of the motor and the performance obtained - among the highest in its category - while in the FER DC line the magnetic component is made of ferrite, to reduce costs of production. The line includes standalone motors, and from this the line with integrated electronics has been developed.
PRO PLANET / brushless servomotors - PRO PLANET identifies a range of products based on permanent magnet synchronous motorization, otherwise called A.C. brushless. The standalone brushless motor line is called PRO LINE and is divided according to size and polarity: PRO LINE ONE up to 3 Nm, PRO LINE TWO up to 50 Nm. Based on the first line of motors, a range has been developed of engines with integrated electronics on board called PRO LAB, which guarantees the possibility of having different mechatronic solutions.
PGB PLANET / planetary gearboxes - the Siboni planetary gearbox project carefully follows the development of electric motors, to support their performance. A wide range of gearboxes is available, fully compatible with RAW PLANET and PRO PLANET electric motors, but also with electric motors of other manufacturers. PGB PLANET includes the range of precision planetary gearboxes. It was born with the RE line, designed to ensure a strong transmission of loads, to then continue with the NXT line, designed to ensure a greater dynamic response by adapting to the standards required by industrial automation. Recently introduced the new NXR line, which groups together the peculiarities of the previous projects and NXS, designed to maintain the performance of the other lines by compacting the external dimensions of the gearbox.