Safety buffers

Safety Buffers

The hydraulic safety buffers are designed to protect operators and machinery. They are designed with custom-sized internal orifices. Depending on the application, this allows to adapt to different speeds and masses, allowing you to maintain a constant and smooth deceleration throughout the stroke. To optimize their performance, different operating conditions are simulated for each hydraulic safety buffer and therefore manufactured with over 90% efficiency. When impact occurs, the displacement of the piston rod forces the passage of the oil present inside the buffer through the orifices, up to the nitrogen chamber, increasing the oil pressure. Compressed nitrogen produces a recoil force that allows the piston rod to return to its original position.

  • Deceleration: personalized, with custom designed orifices
  • The piston rod is hardened and chrome-plated
  • The body is painted with epoxy powders
  • Standard temperature range: -20 ~ 80 °C - Special: -40 ~ 100 °C
  • Conform to the strict requirements: OSHA, AISE, CMMA, DIN, FEM
Main models:
  • IBSG65 strokes from 50 to 200 mm
  • IBSG85 strokes from 50 to 250 mm
  • IBSG100 strokes from 50 to 300 mm
  • IBSG120 strokes from 100 to 1000 mm
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Available accessories:

Safety Cable
Metal safety cable for resetting
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Urethane Cap
It is used to reduce the noise of the impact on the stem
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Rubber cover to protect the stem from dust
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