Safety Devices

Safety Devices

Safety light curtains are electrosensitive devices composed of one or more beams which, emitted by an emitter element and received by a receiver element, create an intangible controlled area. The key features are:

Safety level: defines the principles of self-monitoring and safety principles contained in the device. It must be chosen according to the level of risk present on the machine.
Resolution: it is the minimum size of an object that, placed into the controlled area, will obscure the controlled zone and hence stop the hazardous movement of the machine.
Protected height: the height of the protected area is the measurement that determines, together with the range, the dimensions of the area to be controlled. It is the distance between the two external optics. There are several models of safety light curtains with different heights, allowing you to select the most suitable model for the application.
Range: the range is the maximum working distance that may exist between the emitter and the receiver. Several models are available with different ranges to allow you to control both large and small areas.
Response time: this is the time it takes for the light curtain to transmit the alarm signal from the time the protected zone is interrupted. The response time of the barrier together with the resolution and the stopping time of the machine are fundamental in calculating the safety distances.

The use of safety light curtains has numerous advantages, increasing both operator safety (effective protection in case of fatigue, distraction or malaise) and the production efficiency of the machines (easy access to the machine, no physical barrier to move).

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