Compact Shock Absorbers

Compact Shock Absorbers

Compact Shock Absorbers (Short Type)

These shock absorbers can be installed in a limited space, and are suitable for applications which require high energy absorption. Unlike standard shock absorber series, this series is designed with a particular structure that guarantees fast deceleration times and good performance in noise reduction applications.
You can find the shock absorber that best suits your application with our Configurator.

  • Various sizes available, from M16 to M32
  • Energy absorption performance up to three times higher than other existing products
  • Enhance the noise reduction function and extend the life of the product
  • Thanks to the particular structure of the orifice, it allows a regular absorption of energy to gently decelerate the impacting body
  • Maximum impact velocity: 0,05 ~ 3 m/s
  • Piston rod: Hard chrome 25 μm
Main models:
  • IASR sizes from M16 to M25
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Available accessories:

Lock Nut
Allows the clamping of the shock absorber in a hole
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Stop Collar
Reduces the used stroke of the shock absorber while maintaining the mechanical stop
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